about me


I started drawing as soon as was able to hold a pencil in my hand. Though I can’t remember the very beginning of the recognition myself as an artist I remember very well the moment when I needed to move to a bigger canvas (which was walls at the time). Growing up in the late and post soviet time of great deficiency of everything drawing on the wallpapers was something equal to a murder and was strongly prohibited, but absolutely unavoidable. I had to wait a year or two until my little sister could draw and I could imitate her style precisely on the walls.

It has been quite a while since then, during which I managed to get a proper training as an artist, get disappointed in art, retrain and become a graphic designer and luckily rediscover art back again.

Aleksandra Laika

Born in Moscow, Russia
Live and work in London, UK


BA Graphic Design & Illustration, University of Hertfordshire | 2007-2008
Figurative Art, Moscow Theatrical Arts & Technical College | 1998 – 2002

Selected Exhibitions

2014 “Metamorphosis” Dock Street Gallery, London, UK
2013 “Metamorphosis” The Arch Window, gpstudio, London, UK
2011 “Russian Folk Creatures II” Specs Gallery, London, UK
2010 “Russian Folk Creatures” art works Showcase London, London, UK
2010 “Sirins” Open Arts Cafe, London, UK
2010 “Peer-to-Peer” Open Arts Cafe, London, UK
2010 “Peer-to-Peer” MEL Gallery, Moscow, Russia


Works held in private collections in UK and Russia


2013 private collection, UK, Portrait
2012 private collection, UK, an artwork illustration to a short story “Grovelot and Munded”


2011, Studio residency, Specs Gallery, London, UK

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